Why Chronocurl

Curling is a game of error, it relies on precise excution of shots over and over. Getting a feel for ice speed and keeping track of how it evolves during a game can be a dauting process due to the lack of control over variable such as the intrinsic speed of the ice, the way the speed evolves with passage of stones, the amount of curl and many other factors.

Most competitive teams, if not all, use some kind of system to keep track of the speed of the ice on as many path as possible. Be it back-line to hog, hog-hog, t-line-hog, hog to stop split times, some kind of number must be matched by a player's push in the hack.

At Chronocurl, our main mission is to simplify the process of matching that time to the feeling of pushing the right weight so that it can be done independently from the ice condition and from exterior help.

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