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The Delta Factor

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Chronocurl allows you to characterize your Delta Factor, but what is it and why exactly do you need to know about it? Read our latest blog article to find out!

We had Dean Gemmel at the club earlier this season for his great sweeping clinic Brush like a Badass. He went through the pitfalls of interval timing (timing between back line and hog line) and how subpar delivery technique will affect readings to the point of being almost meaningless.

We haven’t progressed that far since the first use of stopwatches for interval timing almost 20 years ago. We still struggle with the same reliability issues and unless teams stay together long enough to learn the intricacies of their respective deliveries, they usually rely on pacing and hog-hog times.

The whole point is that for most curlers, the amount of time required to match delivery with teammates outweighs greatly the benefits. After all, one has to get the team together and throw draws and split time them ad nauseam until you get a sense of how much the guy actually push pulls or drags!

However, it’s pretty clear that if the whole team has similar delivery, using split times is a no brainer. It reduces the amount of error and gives confidence to the sweeper.

What we think at Chronocurl is that by having quick access to quality data on how the player actually performs, we have better chance at fixing issues related to push-pull or drag, match deliveries or at least get very clear insight on what to expect from each players.

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Curling Season is started

We've been quite busy all summer but now with the Curling season already there, time flies by rather quickly!

Nevertheless we've met our objective to publish our iOS Pro software that allows multiple instruments to be connected at the same time and brings the much anticipated feature of Audio feedback.

We'll be working on tutorial content for both Android and iOS software in the near future and we welcome any comments about our machine.

We're also working on improvement based on comments from users, hence we're working on replacing the velcro reflector holder by a magnetic system which is more durable, see video (read more).

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Why Chronocurl

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Curling is a game of error, it relies on precise excution of shots over and over. Getting a feel for ice speed and keeping track of how it evolves during a game can be a dauting process due to the lack of control over variable such as the intrinsic speed of the ice, the way the speed evolves with passage of stones, the amount of curl and many other factors.

Most competitive teams, if not all, use some kind of system to keep track of the speed of the ice on as many path as possible. Be it back-line to hog, hog-hog, t-line-hog, hog to stop split times, some kind of number must be matched by a player's push in the hack.

At Chronocurl, our main mission is to simplify the process of matching that time to the feeling of pushing the right weight so that it can be done independently from the ice condition and from exterior help.

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