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Three parameters define a stone’s trajectory: Speed, Direction, Rotation

Of those three components, consistency in delivering accurate speed is probably the most difficult skill to master for curlers.

This is mainly due to the fact that training is based on visual cues (where the rock stops) to evaluate a throw. Since ice condition is variable, two rocks thrown at exactly the same speed can travel different distances.

Chronocurl is simple: it uses a laser beam to calculate the speed of a curling rock. Its main objective is to register accurate speed data, independent of ice condition and delivery technique.

From Speed to Split times


Speed is not a currency in Curling, elite curlers rely on stopwatches and split times.

*Speed v = distance / time (eg. km/h)
Time = distance / speed (eg. s)

Pure speed data is useful for achieving consistent delivery, but you need to match a sensation to ice speed.

Curlers often use stopwatch split times (back-line or t-line to near hog line) to characterize the speed of the ice. Those split times give you the average speed of the stone between those two lines. In itself, the stopwatch split time (SST) does not tell you if a player pushes or pulls on the stone while delivering, but it can give you a rough idea if the stone has enough weight.

Chronocurl gives a speed value at one location, usually the near hog line, without push-pull artifacts. You can translate that speed into a split time: you would divide the split distance by the speed*. (This calculation can be done automatically in the app.)

This "Chronocurl split time" (CST) is an interpretation of the speed of the rock at the hog line and is by no means equivalent to a split time you would get from a stopwatch. Comparing the Chronocurl split time with a stopwatch split time lets you quantify the amount of a player’s push-pull-drag (PPD)*. A good player should have a stable PPD over his range of weights to insure predictability to his sweepers.

Training your subconscious


*TTS Audio feedback available only in the PRO version reads values to the player, either through the cell phone speaker, headphones or bluetooth speakers/headphones.
Chronocurl is a bridge between your delivery and instant accurate feedback. Elite athletes cannot rely on conscious thinking to provide high percentage shotmaking. All the delivery is subconsious from the moment a shot has been decided. During training, the athlete repeats a task until it is imprinted in the subconscious.

With Chronocurl, you get instant Audio* and Visual feedback from your shot as soon as the rock crosses the laser beam. You no longer have to wait for the rock to finish travelling to imprint the image in the subconscious. It relieves the player from maintaining focus on sensation longer than a few seconds. The player can quickly match his sensation to a split time and repeat the process until he can predict accurately his own splits.

The Best Split Timer on the Market

We've put a lot of effort in building the most versatile and most advanced curling split timer on the market.
Not only is it the most advanced, it also is the only one that covers both Android and Apple smartphones with a single device.

Simplicity, Accuracy, Revolutionary

SWith Chronocurl, you're up and running within a few seconds: flip the switch and align the laser on the reflector and you're good to go.
AWe’ve got you covered: we've validated our accuracy scientifically and can guaranty that our machine will give you accurate reproducible results even with stones of different diameters (when stones are configured in software).
ROne machine, that fits in your hand, that talks to you and connects to iOS and Android devices to make you nail all your weights - we call this revolutionary.
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Our software suite covers both Android and iOS operating systems. The advanced PRO version gives you the ultimate control over your training.
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