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iOS is coming to Chronocurl big time and we're ready with a mixed platform device that will allow both Android and Apple to play nice with Chronocurl. The iOS free version of Chronocurl is ready, get your iOS Chronocurl today!.

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Easy Operation Flip the switch, connect your device(s) and get practicing.
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Clockwork Precision Get your delivery to the next level with the most accurate and versatile curling split timer.

Calibrate your weights with hard data

Curling is a game of error: it relies on precise execution of shots over and over. Getting a feel for ice speed and keeping track of it can be a dauting process.

Make the most of your practice time; calibrate your weights with hard data.

With Chronocurl, you get accurate speed readings regardless of ice conditions.

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Accurate split times

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Compatible android and iOS

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This is our newest model that features full compatibility with iOS and Android.

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Our software suite covers both Android and iOS operating systems. The advanced PRO version gives you the ultimate control over your training.
iOS Free

iOS Free

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iOS Pro

iOS Pro

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Android Free

Android Free

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Android Pro

Android Pro

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